Pictures Permission Form

This permission slip is valid until the parent/guardian requests otherwise, or the child turns 18.

I give Our Savior Lutheran Church, its volunteers and staff members, permission to post my child’s picture on the church website. I understand that their picture will not be sold but is not completely secure from being stolen off the website. I do not hold Our Savior Lutheran Church, nor its volunteers or staff members responsible in the case that my child’s picture is taken from the website. I understand that the purpose of posting pictures is to share with others the activities of our youth, not only through words, but actions as well.

Parent/Guardian Name (Please Print):______________________
Parent/Guardian Signature:______________________________

I, ____________________ give my permission to Our Savior Lutheran Church to post my picture on the church website. I have read the statement above and agree with it.

Youth Name (Please Print):________________________________
Youth Signature:________________________________________
Age:_______________ When will you turn 18?_________________